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ECF Marketing has created effective mobile websites with a variety of
cutting edge tools such as interactive online phone support

Target the Millions, and Growing, who Have Mobile Devices with ECF Marketing’s Mobile Marketing Service.

The United States has more cell phones than it does people, so the logical thought becomes – how do you reach people and encourage them to purchase through mobile advertising? Mobile advertising is also relatively new, so many marketers still struggle with developing the most effective practices.

Engage Your Mobile Visitors and Increase Revenues with ECF Marketing’s Mobile Marketing Services.

ECF Marketing has created effective mobile websites with a variety of cutting edge tools such as interactive online phone support, online video segments, interactive tools, creative design, programming and animation plus clear, easily navigated information for companies around the world. We gear each website towards speaking to the numerous audiences taking care to address culture differences and languages to best reach your targeted audiences. ECF Marketing will work with you to determine the right messaging and develop a website to best get your message across. Contact us for a consultation, personalized assessment and detailed web analysis.

Mobile Website Design & Development

ECF Marketing Web Design Services:

Web Design with a Mission

 Our web and landing pages are carefully crafted to convert visitors into loyal customers. By reaching deep into our marketing and creative background, ECF Marketing will be armed with a well-researched knowledge of your targeted customer. We will then incorporate keywords and your marketing message into each webpage unfolding your company’s story.

Designed for Effectiveness

 Our designers bring years of experience to you by creating effective, easy to use websites. Real business outcomes begin as visitors begin to feel the similarity of your company’s solutions and their challenges.

World Class Design Team

 Our design team has created many effective and popular websites. We understand and know how to best implement all the various programming languages to best get your message across. Our websites do have one thing in common, they are easy to navigate, function properly and draw similarities between the customer and your business solution.

Produces Results

Search engines are not impressed with flash animation or cool graphics. Although we can use strong graphical interfaces, the real success of your site is in the keyword-rich story being told. Search engines and your customers will provide you with the business results you want based on good written content.

Web Design with a Mission

How do you measure a website’s success? We believe in a balance of increased conversion rate, sales numbers, and overall ROI to measure the success of a website. Through our in-depth research process, we achieve success by influencing the visitor’s behavior by providing a website designed to prove that we understand their pain points. ECF Marketing provides our clients web analytics to create sites that impact your bottom line.

Designed for Effectiveness

Websites must be functional with no dead links, easy to navigate and draw a similarity with your audience. We must talk their talk and understand their challenges to increase conversion rates and create a stronger ROI for our clients.

World Class Design Team

The ECF Marketing design partners understand marketing as well as design. Across the variety of industries we design for, our artisans understand the importance of drawing similarities between our client and the web visitor. We must tell the story well and ultimately solve their concerns with web content

Produces Results

We pay close attention to fully understand your company’s web visitors and create a story within the website that is tailored to them. Our design goal is to portray your products’ value proposition in such a way, that every visitor feels you understand them.

Web Design Services Offered:


Professional design and development capabilities


Dynamic landing page creation and an easy to use website


Database driven pages with a backend for easy updates


Flash animation development


Streaming audio and/or video


Expertise in contemporary programming languages


Contemporary database creation

ECF Marketing – Your Mobile Website Development Partner

Gone are the days of static boring websites. ECF Marketing can offer you a proven track record of client success through years of creating and programming successful websites for a wide range of companies. Our team believes that an interesting site chock full of product information presented in a unique, well-designed setting is an essential element to the success of your business.

ECF Marketing’s strategists focus on developing both short and long-term marketing goals for your business. Through analyzing and auditing your past web marketing efforts and your competitors, our marketing strategists will discover additional opportunities that will provide the best possible plan for achieving real business outcomes.

By offering comprehensive marketing services, ECF Marketing will integrate Internet marketing and traditional marketing elements to achieve the ROI you need to compete in today’s market. Let us bring your website up to date and increase your conversion rates.

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At ECF Marketing, we have a thoroughly tested mobile marketing process that produces results. We help you through every aspect of the process, including website development, campaign management, ad optimization, reporting, and everything below.

Key Aspects of ECF Marketing’s Mobile Marketing Process

Mobile Website Design and Development

In order to display properly on a mobile device, a website requires a design specifically for mobile devices. Additionally, Google projects that within three years, mobile devices will be used more than desktop PCs to view websites.

If your website doesn’t function properly on a mobile device, people viewing it with their mobile device will leave. How much revenue could this cost you in a year? ECF Marketing helps you design an attractive, functional mobile website, the first step to mobile marketing success.

Tablet Website Design and Development

Maximizing the conversions you receive from your website means you make your site friendly for viewing to all the different devices available. However, tablet web design comes with its own quirks. For example, the iPad doesn’t support flash. Some users become frustrated because with too many clickable areas near one another, they accidentally click the wrong link.

ECF Marketing’s team of tablet design experts help you design your website to be friendly with tablet devices, which helps ensure a maximum conversion rate for your site.

Website Analytics Setup (Google Analytics, Clicky, etc.)

ECF Marketing’s core strength is compiling big data, analyzing it, and then helping you understand what that data means. Our reporting will assist you in making informed, data-driven business decisions that help you to continually improve the effectiveness of your mobile advertising campaign.